Defining Privilege

Lately, I've been struggling with the topic of privilege. I recently watched a video by Buzzfeed that played the 'privilege game'. This activity had a group of individuals with different genders, ages, ethnicities, and income status stand in a line. As the activity 'facilitator' read statements, participants would take steps forward or backward based on whether or not they resonated with a statement that characterized privilege.


Nagpapasalamat (Gratitude)

Thankfulness - such a powerful concept. To me, it's an expression of appreciation and happiness that I have the opportunity to experience something. It's almost a sense of vulnerability; admitting that having something is better than not having it. In such a goal- and ambition-driven world, it can be hard to be thankful when goals aren't accomplished. Don't get me … Continue reading Nagpapasalamat (Gratitude)

Open Letter To My Younger Brother

Dear Younger Brother, Through the many years that you have been in my life, I have collected a myriad of memories filled with laughter, happiness, and sadness. 7 billion people in the world and you will always be first to drive me up the wall with frustration, cause me to beam with pride at your accomplishments, … Continue reading Open Letter To My Younger Brother

Defining Moments

I can think of a few defining moments in my life: visiting my family in the Philippines for the first time, standing up to a demeaning boss, losing a close friend to suicide at sixteen years old, and seeing another lose his battle to cancer at fifteen years old. Building up the courage to start The HOPE … Continue reading Defining Moments